Digital Counties Survey

William T Fujioka

Chief Executive Officer

Leroy Baca


Jackie Lacey

District Attorney

Sharon Moller

Office of the Assessor

Chief Daryl Osby

Fire Department

John Krattli

County Counsel

Wendy L. Watanabe


Sachi A. Hamai

Executive Office of the Board

Chief Jerry Powers


Philip L. Browning

Children and Family Services

Sean Rogan

Community Development Commission

Laura Zucker

Arts Commission

Dr. Arturo Delgado

Office of Education

Dr. Mitchell H. Katz

Health Services

Dr. Marvin J. Southard

Mental Health

Dr. Jonathan Fielding

Public Health

Ronald L. Brown

Public Defender

Janice Y. Fukai

Alternate Public Defender

Dr. Mark Fajardo

Medical Examiner-Coroner

Marcia Mayeda

Animal Care and Control

Kurt Floren

Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures

Ruth Wong

Military & Veterans Affairs

Dean C. Logan

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Gail Farber

Public Works

Richard J. Bruckner

Regional Planning

Gary Jones

Beaches and Harbors

Margaret Donnellan Todd

Public Library

Russ Guiney

Parks and Recreation

Dr. Jane G. Pisano

Natural History Museum

Michael Govan

Museum of Art

Stephen Rountree

Music Center

Dr. Steven J. Golightly

Child Support Services

Sheryl Spiller

Public Social Services

Cynthia D. Banks

Community & Senior Services

Richard Sanchez

Chief Information Office

Mark J. Saladino

Treasurer and Tax Collector

Brian Stiger

Consumer Affairs

Lisa M. Garrett

Human Resources

Jim Jones

Internal Services Department